Tamara Regina Salomao Freitas 


When Tamara arrived in Australia from Brazil 4 1/2 years ago, she had very limited English skills. She consequently undertook a 3-month English speaking course while completing an internship in Rockhampton, Queensland. This helped Tamara rapidly develop her English, which she is now fluent in.

Tamara’s love of animals inspired her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science in Brazil. Tamara, her Australian partner, and their dogs now live in far Western Queensland where she works as an animal scientist specialising in cattle. In Tamara’s spare time she enjoys mountain bike riding.

Besides her native language of Portuguese, Tamara speaks English and a little bit of Spanish.

Why Tamara engaged Accent on Speech

Tamara recognised that she needed assistance with reducing her accent to improve her communication with her clients and co-workers.

“[Accent modification] would increase client confidence on my phone calls, expand my job performance, and increase my oral/verbal presentation skills. I’m sure it will relieve the frustrations that are caused by my failed communication and eliminate the constant requests for repetition.”

How Accent on Speech assisted Tamara

Due to Tamara living in remote Western Queensland, she chose to undertake our 3-day individual intensive program. As Tamara wanted to reduce her accent for professional purposes, speech pathologists Annie and Jenni studied cattle nutrition to be able to help her with difficult words in her work field. Upon the completion of her course in late October 2018, Tamara saw a 63% improvement in reducing her English mispronunciations. Well done Tamara!

“After my sessions my conversation with customers has completely changed for the better. [Annie and Jenni] were extra friendly which made me feel comfortable to be myself and show my weaknesses in relation to my English pronunciation. If I ever have to do a public presentation, I would love to present to Annie and Jenni first to get their amazing feedback and advice.”

“Their technique is incredible, after all my sessions my conversation with my customers has completely changed for the better. I definitely recommend you foreign people to check them out. They will help so much, but always remember that you have to do your training between the sessions as it makes the difference in your performance.”

Tamara’s Tip

“Always remember that you have to do your training between the sessions as it makes the difference in your performance!”