Mikhail Gladkov


Arriving in Australia from Russia, Mikhail had already completed his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, as well as a Master’s degree in Economics. Mikhail moved to Australia 2 ½ years ago and found work as a group accountant in Brisbane’s CBD. Mikhail loves to read, travel and continually extends his English vocabulary by immersing himself in English books.

Alongside his native language of Russian, Mikhail also speaks French and Ukranian.

Why Mikhail engaged Accent on Speech

Mikhail started learning English in high school at home in Russia and consolidated his skills at the University of Moscow. While his vocabulary and grammar are excellent, Mikhail wanted to improve his pronunciation to avoid being asked to

“…often repeat some words and phrases. In these situations, I feel like my flow of communication is being interrupted.”

How Accent on Speech assisted Mikhail

Mikhail undertook an individual 7-week program, where he completed a 2-hourly session with our team once a week. At the conclusion of this program, Mikhail had improved his English mispronunciations by 81%. This enormous improvement reflects the commitment and diligence Mikhail showed using not only the sessions, but his practice at home also. Well done Mikhail!

“The program and Jenni’s advice helped me to identify my pronunciation error patterns and work on their elimination. I wish the program lasted longer!”

Going Forward

Mikhail can consolidate his incredible gains by continuing to use the On-line Compton – PESL pronunciation practice laboratory.  Mikhail’s enrolment in his AOS accent modification program entitles him to life-time access to the practice lab. He can use it whenever and wherever he goes.

Accent on Speech also offers maintenance sessions that are available to Mikhail in the future to help maintain the changes to pronunciation or assist in a specific goal such as a work presentation or a job interview.