Iulia Amariei


Born and raised in Romania, Iulia lived in New Zealand for 4 1/2 years prior to settling in Australia. She has now resided here for over 12 years and works as an executive in the area of project management software.

Iulia has a Masters Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Romania. Alongside English and her native language of Romanian, Iulia also has knowledge of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Why Iulia engaged Accent on Speech

In addition to the required technical and analytical skills, Iulia’s job requires her to frequently speak publicly and present at executive-level meetings to various international stakeholders.

“Being a non-native English speaker, I thought my messages to stakeholders in professional presentations will be faster absorbed if I can improve my English accent.” 

Due to the emphasis on public speaking in her role, Iulia wanted to soften her accent to allow others to understand her better.

“I have always been on the lookout for a program to help me smooth out and reduce my accent.”

How Accent on Speech assisted Iulia

Iulia undertook an individual 7-week program in March 2018, where she completed weekly 2-hourly sessions with a qualified speech pathologist.

“I really recommend this course to all those who want to get their message transferred faster and clearer to the listener.”

At the end of her course, Iulia had improved her English pronunciation by 81%. To help her achieve this incredible improvement, Iulia engaged with her English-speaking colleagues, asking them to practice some of her at-home tasks with her and correct her mispronunciations. Well done Iulia!

“I really enjoyed the course and most importantly, it helped me to realise that engaging with professionals like Annie and Jenni can improve my accent and increase my confidence when speaking. My message to the audience was absorbed faster and more efficiently than before training.” 

Post course completion

After she completed her initial program, Iulia returned to Accent on Speech on two further occasions to participate in Maintenance Sessions. These sessions were customised for Iulia to enable her to maintain and consolidate her gains in pronunciation. The maintenance sessions helped Iulia to practice again and further raise her self-awareness.

“Annie and Jenni are professional and patient. Thank you, Annie and Jenni, and thank you Accent on Speech.”