Daniel Vankov


A Bulgarian native, Daniel Vankov moved to Australia 3 years ago. He had previously completed his Finance degree in Bulgaria and France, Business degree in UK and IT degree in Bulgaria, before settling in Queensland to further his studies.

Deciding to move his wife and 2 young sons across the Globe to Brisbane was a big decision but a worthwhile one as Daniel is now a post-graduate student near to completing his PhD at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Daniel is outgoing and throws himself into all aspects of life here in Brisbane, including the QUT community, Rotary Club of Brisbane, and his sons’ local primary school where he helps in the classroom. He was awarded the QUT Student Leadership Award and was the Rotary Club of Brisbane President in 2018 earning a citation from the Rotary International President.

Daniel is a multi-lingual speaker. Alongside his native language of Bulgarian, he speaks English, French, Russian and Serbian.

Why Daniel engaged Accent on Speech

Despite being highly proficient in English, Daniel wanted to speak with improved pronunciation when conversing with colleagues and friends and feel confident his words were being understood.

“I was commended on my English before enrolling with Accent on Speech, but people were still complaining about not understanding everything I say.”

How Accent on Speech assisted Daniel

Daniel undertook an individual 7-week program, where he completed a 2-hourly session with a qualified speech pathologist once a week. At the end of this program in 2019, Daniel had reduced his English mispronunciations by 79%. The program assisted Daniel to realise what mispronunciations were hindering his ability to be understood in speech. This in turn provided a guided framework incorporating many functional tasks to assist Daniel to correct these errors.

“The program helped me find out why..(people couldn’t understand me) and correct my errors.”