Alejandro Bareno 


Alejandro (Alex) Bareno has resided in Australia for almost 11 years. Originally from Colombia, he works as a Chief Financial Officer in Brisbane, Queensland. Alex’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Law and a Masters Degree in Commerce.

In his free time, Alex enjoys playing tennis and frequent visits to the gym.

Why Alex engaged Accent on Speech

After having lived in Australia for 10 years, Alex thought it was time to address the problems he had been having regarding his English mispronunciations.

“The 7-week program looked brilliant to help increase my awareness and begin to address my issues.”

How Accent on Speech assisted Alex

Alex undertook the 7-week individual program in May 2019, completing a 2-hourly session with a qualified speech pathologist once a week. His course was specifically tailored to his interests and the areas that he needed to work on. At the end of his program, Alex saw a 54% improvement in reducing his English mispronunciations. Well done Alex!

“I enjoyed it (my accent modification program) indeed, It brought a new level of awareness that I did not have. I knew I had issues with a few word combinations. The program taught me that the way I was saying many words was not correct and learned to identify those.”

“I would definitely recommend the program to others wanting to improve their English pronunciation. The course was designed /tailored to myself and my interest and the areas of work that I needed to work on.”

Alex’s Remarks

“The one-on-one design of the program is especially great. There is also a program for you to practice at home, which really helped with my overall improvement.”